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:pointr::star:THE NEWS: :star::pointl:

Hello everyone! Sorry for not being as active as I would like to be. Job hunting has killed my spare time.
Anyway, the reason for this entry is I would like to do a new contest.

What is this contest going to be about?
I want YOU to create a new icon for the group. I love the old one, but well, it's old.
So, how about we get a fresh new one up and ready.

You may enter as many times as you like.
The icon must be Kai related.
The icon can be animated or not.
Please use artwork that you created. The main reason why I want to change the current one is because it is a clip from the show.
It must be the right size. (I honestly don't know the icon sizes but maybes it's 150 by 50? I will update this once I knwo)
And be creative!

I will be making a Contest folder. If you can't find the folder, just place the entries into the featured folder.
The winner icon will be used for the group, and you will be credited for it.

I will be drawing up contest prizes, but if anyone else would like to donate art prizes or points, please comment!
I will update this to include prizes and a deadline as soon as I can.
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Submitted on
May 15, 2012